On-demand Service Platform

Jop is a Brooklyn based startup running an on-demand service platform that connects customers to professionals with specific skills.

This is a typical "sharing economy" application similar to something like Airbnb and Uber. In this domain, how to connect people in need with other people who can meet the needs is the core of the product. This case study primarily introduces the redesign of Jop booking flow and how that changes the user experience for each side of the users.


DEC 2017 - MAY 2018


Product Redesign


Consumer O2O
Mobile App

Jop, Any Service On Demand

Jop is a platform that connects people in need to people who can help. You tap a screen and connect with somebody who’s an expert at tutoring Thai, trimming mustaches, walking your dog, or planting tulip bulbs. Instead of paying a company’s overhead, you pay your Jopper.

My Role & Backgrounds

I was the only designer in the startup team, so I was responsible for every aspect of design no matter it's new product feature or marketing campaign. I worked closely with the founder, product manager, developers and also customer service team to keep improving the user experience for both our joppers and customers. I also played an important role to leverage design methods to solve problems of running the business.

Joppers are professionals on Jop platform to provide services.

Customers are users who use Jop APP to book services.

Design Problem

Request service based on jopper's availability could be frustrating as joppers don't update their calendar.

The initial design of the system is to give customer the directory of all available joppers of a specific category for a specific time. So users can explore the joppers and send a request to someone who meets their needs. However, we heard complaints from both customers and joppers.

"My request was declined twice before I found an available handyman, and I have to re-type in my information again and again, which is super frustrating!"

- from a customer

"I got someone's request but I don't have time to do the job. It's not realistic for me to constantly update my availability hour to hour since I have contracts from other places. It would be nice if you can link to my own calendar."

- from a Jopper


Customers make public request and then choose a Jopper who accepted.

Now, customer can simply request a service on the platform, and then we will notify Joppers and return customer a list of Joppers who accepted. In this way, customer can easily find an available Jopper.

Customer request a service

User select a service and input the details for the request. Once user confirm, the system will try to find some joppers on the platform for the customer.

Select a service
Input request details
Wait for the matches

Jopper accept a request

Jopper can view all related customer requests within a specified service area, and decide to accept or skip the requests.

View all active related requests
View the request details
Confrim the contract

Customer choose a Jopper to confirm

After the request is sent out and some jopper accepted the request, customer will get a list of joppers that are available for the jop. Customer can view the jopper's information to decide which one to choose.

View all accepted joppers
View the jopper's detail info
Service booked


Increased booking rate,
less complaint,
and customers love it.

Design for Blockchain

Design the user experience for Cryptocurrency earn & burn on Jop platform.

For a startup, seeking financial support is crucial. We decided to file Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as a way to get external funds and also potentially engage our users. We planned to issue a digital currency called Jop Token, which can be earned and consumed on the Jop platform.

Earn Token by engaging more with Jop and spend Token to get more value.

Jop is trying to decentralize payment system by using blockchain technology and going to issue JOP Token. The token feature design is aimed at enabling both customer and Jopper to use JOP Token (JOPT) in our product. Customer and Jopper earn tokens by engaging more with our product. With the token they earned, customer can apply tokens towards booking requests, which will save money. Jopper can buy visibility with tokens which will expose them more to our customers.

Customer can earn token by engage more with Jop

Jop provides multiple ways for customers to earn Jop Token, such as refer a friend, rate Joppers, and book more services on Jop etc.

Customer can collect tokens
Various ways to get token
Use token to book service

Joppers can get paid with Jop token and shop with token.

For example, Joppers can use token to buy homepage placement to increase the chance to get booked by customers.

Jop Token earn burn
Jop token store
Use token to get more exposure

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